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Passion , Just Plain Pussy Passion .

Last year , My friend told me that he found his new passion ..he is into FITNESS . You know , going to the gym , working out , looking good , feeling good . yeah you get the idea .

He was on 2 years membership contract with FITNESS FIRST .

This year , he told me he is not into fitness anymore , he stopped going to gym after 6 months. Again , he told me he found his new passion which is Photography ..he just blew RM8000 on a DSLR ..


Familiar Story?

These past few years , the media and the internet has been trying to tell us ..

Life is not about working , making money and buying what you want ..

But life is about being happy , love and health ..most importantly DOING WHAT YOU WANT AND BE PASSIONATE ABOUT SOMETHING .

I don’t disagree to that , it actually make sense . Hell , nobody would disagree to that ! That is like the whole point of our existence right ?

The problem is , most people took the message the wrong way (which is what the media wants) . The whole passion thing becomes a trend . Being passionate about something is COOL today . Look at Guinness Advertisement in the Cinemas , how they present the artist and the song composer . Today , People are desperately forcing themselves to find a “passion” to show to other people that they have a “passion” . That is why you get many

“i need to find out what i really want”

“I don’t know what i am good at”

kinda speech from people .

I think its a whole new advertising tactic , a social engineering thing that drives us into spending more MONEY on what we perceive we are passionate about .


kid also use DSLR already wei !

I call this ,


What is the Pussy Passion ? A temporary , short term passion , something for us to save up our money and spent , to replace our boring nothing to do today time ..something that we “show” to other people so that others will think we are “normal” or we are “passionate” about something . Something to brag and look cool about .

Pussy passion is trendy . It changes every year .

Photography , Fitness , Making money online , knowledge , picking up girls , food , fashion , cooking , dancing , break dancing , rapping , appearance , lifestyle etc ..Many people claim that it is their so called life time “passion”.

Then , after 1-2 years , they got bored of it , and move on to whatever that is cool . They CHANGE their passion .

” What happened to Dancing ? “

“oh , i am not into that kinda thing anymore , its not me” .bla bla bla .

Few years ago , when the movie “300″ came out ..everybody got influenced and hop into the body building boat and claim that it is their “passion”.

Early ’08 was the rise of the bloggers , the time where bloggers became “celebrity bloggers” , bloggers earned 5 digit income from advertising , bloggers became INFLUENTIAL AND  IMPORTANT ..The whole Barison National LOST because of Bloggers , imagine how power and influencial blogging became ? you even have Nuffnang awards night ..blogging and photography became the new “passion” .


just look at the numbers of pointless blogs around example would be the site that you are reading right now :)

What are the big CEO corporates thinking? I don’t know , but if i am a BIG SHOT CEO , i would think ” The best selling tool is to portray a product as “passion”  , people will PAY for their “passion” cause they think its a life time thing..after they save up and spent…kill the hype by introducing new products and new passion to the market.”

Air Asia is so successful , because , the trendy passion today , is to TRAVEL AND SEE THE WORLD , TAKE PICTURES AND BLOG ABOUT IT .

Quick question for my readers .

Playing guitar , is that your pussy passion , or your real passion ?

Do you play , just because GUITAR HEROES is so popular ? or you think it is cool to look like Slash ?

After 5 years , will you put your guitar a side and let it rust till its vintage and sell it off at a high price ?

Do you play guitar just to impress chicks , or to look cool and seek external validation?

2010 will be my 10th year of playing the guitar .

There are times i get exhausted and tired from shredding , soloing , performing ..sometimes it feels like guitar is my pussy passion . You see , i am not the type of musician who gets to play what i want . I have to play what my client and what my manager wants , and i am not proud to say that .


But at night , before i sleep . I have an acoustic guitar beside my bed , i will pick it up and pluck some simple open chords . Not some shredding jazz complicated crap . Just something simple that i feel like playing , because i love music . After playing with my guitar for 20 minutes , i go to sleep .

So , is blogging my pussy passion ? probably . Guitar ? NO . I know guitar is my real passion .

I really respect …people who have REAL PASSION in what they do ..

The Uncle who owns a Camera shop for 30 years , People who serve in the orphanage (helping kids) for the last 20 years , a church pastor that has been studying the bible for 25 years , The martial art teacher that is still practicing martial arts even though he is 65 years old .

Those are the boys with real passion .

So is guitar your real passion ?

Or something to pass the time ?

You do not get bored of your real passion . A real passion is not trendy because you are going to do it FOR LIFE .

If you were stranded on an island , and you could bring one thing with you…what will it be ?

Your guitar ?

Food ?

A lighter ?

I always ask my students you see yourself playing guitar when you are 60 years old ?


i know i will still be playing my guitar when i am 60 .

Every year , I only have ONE new year resolution . Which is “I want next year to be the best year of my life” .I tell myself that , every year .

I am gonna add another resolution for 2010 , I want 2010 to be the best year of my life and i want to be a guitarist that plays what i want to play . No more plain pussy passion .

random thoughts :

my gf just asked me , “am i your pussy passion , or your passion?” LOL .How would you answer your gf ?


  1. Dead Eye · December 17, 2009

    haha so true. and glad to hear Gapnap is BACK! :p

  2. jamtank sucks · December 17, 2009

    When you are 60 years old your fingers are atrophied and probably have huge issues with arthritis. What cock passion also no use lah when old liao.

    Can wank already considered lucky.

  3. yong · December 17, 2009



  4. Kevin · December 17, 2009

    Nice picture of the sail boat. You took that?

  5. Mr.Kyoto · December 17, 2009

    Insightful post!

    Seems like people just get more and more fickle as time passes by. I feel your pain, man.

    This is one for the peeps who keep it real!

  6. stanley · December 17, 2009

    this is so far your best post
    passion is more important then trend, i really agree with you on this

  7. vertigo · December 17, 2009

    the DSLR wave is still goin strong… :D

  8. slowhands · December 17, 2009

    regarding the random thought, i think she has got you on a chokehold there. whatever you say is gonna get you screwed. it’s both PUSSY passion and passion. thank me cause i aced this trick question!

  9. echobrainproject · December 17, 2009

    good stuff clement.

  10. ghoster · December 17, 2009

    i remember watching ‘desperate housewife’ having a scene where this guy found out the only passion he has is his wife, so they have sex like all the time! :P

    i guess this is just a normal issue for a mid-age guys. i believe that almost everyone will face this kinda stuff. i do ;)

  11. ariffdude · December 17, 2009

    don’t think i will live up to 60

  12. entermyusername · December 17, 2009

    hmm, now i wonder if guitar is my pussy passion, but 1 dam thing for sure, that is down the road 40-50years, i will still hav passion for pussies.

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