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December 30th, 2012

My 500th Post , 2012

I”ve been reserving my 500th post for this day .


I call 2012 – a new beginning .

What a great year for me . This year is the best year of my life . (i say this every year , and i would love to say that again next year)
The feeling of 2012 , is some what similar to 2008 . Let me paint another picture for you .

You”ve been climbing a tall mountain ..with hard work & perseverance , you reached the top , you achieve your goals . 
Then , it is time go home ..sit back , relax , walk down hill , enjoy the view , enjoy the ride .
After your break , its time to gear up and move on to the next mountain , a bigger , more challenging one .  

From 2004-2007 , it was the time i was climbing a very tall mountain , my challenge was finding a balance between – my band , studies , love life & my job as a guitar teacher .
It was an uphill journey . But i managed to pull it through .
In 2008 , i graduated , established my band , had a great girlfriend (my wife today) and had enough funds to start a shop (Music Master)
As a student ,I gave my best and be the best i could be . 2008 was a very chilling year (walking downhill after climbing my mountain) , i was relaxing and enjoying what i”ve achieved .

Sept 2008 , i moved on – i can”t be teaching guitars , playing for events my whole life right? I needed a new mountain to climb .
That new mountain  was Music Master .

Back to 2012 , i think i”ve done my best for Music Master for the past 4 years .
My vision in 2008 was to improve the music scene in Malaysia . I wanted to see revolution , i wanted more competition , i wanted more brands in Malaysia .
Look at Malaysia today . 5 years ago , nobody would imagine this day will come – Shops constantly bringing in new products , aggressive year end sales etc .

I am glad that Music Master contributed its part to this .

Jan 2012 – November 2012 was a *walking downhill after climbing my mountain for me . I”ve been enjoying my life ..harvesting the fruits , enjoying 4 years of hard work .
I got married , had 2 honeymoons (Paris & Japan) . Went to Korea for business . Tried Andriod for the first time and HATED IT. Got into shoes , spectacles , bags , suits . Increased my watch collection.
Come to think of it , i think i spend more money in 2012 , than the whole 25 years of my life .
Too bad i haven”t bought my car yet – after hearing Pakatan will reduce car price if they win the election , zzzz waiting time again .

To be continued .


One Response to “My 500th Post , 2012”

  1. wui223@Albert Says:
    April 5th, 2013 at 4:44 pm

    Hi Clement, glad to see where you are now, after the pain and sweat along the years. Keep up the great work :)

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